Original== The original game comes with many rides and rollercoaster. It also includes many themes, scenery items, path items, foliage, and cheats. This part of the game allows for a general version of the game. It is somewhat like its predecessors. However, the game has a more 3-D dynamic. Also, there are many new rides including the Double Ferris Wheel (Sky Wheel), Gravitron, Sky Swing, and Odyssey ride.

(parenthesis are for the actual name of ride in game if necessary)


The Platinum version of the game contains 2 expansion packs in the same disk. They are Soaked and Wild. Soaked allows you to build water rides, pools, and water themed scenery. There are also a few rides and coasters added because of both expansions. Wild allows you to bring animals into your park. There is a fairly wide variety of animals, and unlike the Zoo Tycoons, you can buy Male, Female, or either of those as babies.